As a Marketing major I believe I have a good foundation for marketing from my time at University. I have also worked to apply this knowledge in various ways be in extra curricular or out of my own interest and free time. Most notable is my position as Marketing Officer(and now Co- President) of the Video Game Club(UAV). I designed our logo and almost all of the art assets we have used since the beginning of 2013. In addition I have also helped manage the UAV's social media and member emails.


I am no stranger to teamwork and collaboration, through my studies I worked in teams for various projects and assignments. Working in teams also extended beyond study, needing to work in teams for events and also for extra curricular activities such as the University of Auckland Video Game Club. Whenever I was in a team I could always take on the role I needed to take on whether it be as a leader delegating tasks or as a follower collaborating with other members of the team.


I try to frequent all platforms and ecosystems which gives me a good grasp and proficiency when it comes to technology.Be it software or hardware I will generally have a good grasp or be able to gain one very quickly. Microsoft office is accounted for as well as Google services and a variety of social media. On the creation front I have experience with Adobe Suite particularly Photoshop. If need be I can also handle basic video editing in Premier of Sony Vegas. I also have familiarity with computer hardware, which can be a useful skill in certain situations.

More than just a housing complex.


Bryant Hill is more than just a housing complex – it's a neighborhood, and any good neighborhood comes with amenities for the locals. When we built Bryant Hill, we handpicked these fine establishments to join our community.




Branch City Coffee Roasters

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The Vista Club at Cliffside Drive

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Coworking Space

Assembly Sydney East

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The Foundry

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