Jurassic World Review

I was quite keen to see Jurassic World, I loved the original movie and remember it quite fondly from my childhood. I think a trailers probably gave too much away though, not as bad some other movies this year but I guess this is a problem for Hollywood and not just this movie.

Super Monkey Ball?

Super Monkey Ball?

Anyway I really liked the movie, after seeing a ton of action movies it was nice to see a more adventure movie. It has its action but it keeps that adventure and discovery spirit. There are ton of homages to the original movies which was good. Some were better than others and I think those more hidden references were the ones I liked the most.

In terms of the characters they were fine. The leads were fine, kids were fine I think if I had to pick a highlight it would be Irrfan Khan as Simon Masrani the CEO and owner of the park who was a pretty fun character. I will say dialogue was not the best looking back, but it was serviceable.

Overall pretty good movie, very much a blockbuster movie. It not perfect but this new Jurassic world franchise has some potential.


Other thoughts

There is some sequel set up/ world building involving the military which was quite interesting. Not sure if that the best direction to go down but it could be a pretty fun direction to go in.

Bryce Dallas Howard character was in heels the entire movie supposedly and that does not seem possible for some of the jungle scenes.

Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1 Review

Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1 

♫This Girl is on Fire♫

This Girl is on Fire

I enjoyed this movie for the most part, character wise I think everyone did a good job(save for the President snow.) were interesting, Katniss was not as mopey and actually did some cool shit. Story wise it felt like thing were being dragged out there are some cool action scenes and some good story scenes especially at the end but a lot of it is just people talking in an underground bunker. A few highlights were the propaganda creation scenes since I work in Advertising I found these pretty interesting about the message they were trying to send. The final scene(s) as well were pretty good and yeah that PTSD eh I guess that why it’s a disability. Overall good movie but it looks like the movie probably did not need to be split into 2 parts.