Terminator Genisys Review

Hasta la vista, Terminator Franchise

Terminator Genisys has had a bit of a roller coaster ride from its announcement with its terrible name, cast reveal and initial teasers that showed some promise to one of its trailers spoiling one of the big parts of the movie. Even its financial performance from being a bomb in the west to being the most successful movie release in China.

When it comes to the movie itself unfortunately it was not very good. It had some great ideas and some thing on paper probably sounded great but the execution was not great and it’s a bit of a mess at times. Story wise we see Judgement day with the humans wining but Skynet not one to loose tries to rig the game again sending a terminator back to kill Sarah Connor anyway things happen Sarah Connor, John Connor and Kyle Reese time travel a bit, the timeline messes up John Connor becomes the bad guy (shown in the trailers) and our heroes have to save the world. Oh and Matt Smith aka Doctor Who plays the personification of Sky net and its really weird seeing this Timeline altering main villain being played by someone known for playing a time traveling character. Once again there were some good ideas here and it is trying to update terminator for a more modern setting but yeah it’s a bit of a mess.

The cast is a lot more miss than it. Arnold is back and he is pretty good he may be old but he knows what he is doing and can definitely still hold his own in action scenes. Some of his dialogue is weird but that’s probably more to do with the story and hes a terminator so he gets more of a pass on saying/doing strange things.

Overall Terminator GENISYS was pretty bad, it has some interesting ideas and a few good moments here but not enough to be good. When the movie was announced a lot of people scoffed at the name one the initial teasers and first trailer came out it was looking like it may have potential but between the final trailer and the actual movie turn outs Terminator GENISYS was as bad as its name.


One more thing Emilia Clark can't really pull off a American accent or at least she does not do a great job here. These GoT actors