The Martian Review

The Martian 9/10

Based on the book by Andy Weir the martian tells the story of Matt Daemon as he is stranded on Mars and attempts to survive long enough to be rescued. This movie is a tremendous movie, thoroughly enjoyable and I think everyone should see it

From the cast, the score, the story the visuals everything comes together to make the Martian one of the best films of the year. Ridley Scott has had a bit of a rough ride lately but in the martian he really does an amazing job.

Starting with the cast you have Matt Daemon the titular Martian who is great, you really see his determination to survive and the struggles he has to go through. Th astronauts who are great and the folks back on earth who are a bit part of why the movie works so well. A lot of the movie is on earth and seeing how NASA and co handles everything keeps everything in perspective. We get to see the perspective from the top to mission control to engineering and see how they all work through problem after problem to rescue one man.

Leading on from that is the story, the dual perspective of space and earth allow each side to be very compelling. We don’t see every detail off Matt Daemon serving and we don’t see everything on earth its just focused on NASA and the challenges that Matt faces. We see with Matt how the condition affect him and what hes done and what hes going to do to survive. The detail is there but a of it is implied rather than shown.

Really good