PS4 Hard drive Upgrade

I recently completed a PS4 Hard drive upgrade and thought I would share photos for reference and some of the other details of the process.

Parts Used

  • Some kind Prying tools – I have some “proper” prying tools buy a knife/screwdriver should work or maybe a guitar pick.
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Seagate 2tb External Hard Drive
  • Spare 500gb or more hard drive for the backup (unless you want to download everything again)


I started out by Backup up the PS4 to the spare hard drive in this case a second 2tb Seagate(they were on sale). You can find the Backup option in the Options menu under [System] and then [Backup and Restore]. Check this page for more details.

It took me around 2 hours to back up so i suggest planing this out over a day so you dont have too much downtime.

External Hard Drive

2tb Seagate

As mentioned above i used 2tb Seagate External HDD and extracted the drive up removing the top panel, taking the drive out and removing the adapter that allows the drive to be used with USB. I actually used this video for reference since its the same model drive, yes that is a video for an xbox branded drive but its the exact same model.

Opening the PS4 is super easy just slide the smaller top panel about an inch then lift it off and your done. This is a good opportunity to give it a bit of a clean as well.

The drive in the PS4 also has some crews that need to be removed. From there its a fairly straight forward process to swicth the drives.

The two very similar drives aside from the capacity.

Installing the new drive is probably the easiest thing about the upgrade. The drive wont really fit properly without the mounting screws.


Cover should snap back on, also it should be much easier to open if you need to open it again

AFter that all you need to do if head to this page. download the PS4 Update follow the instructions and once thats done installing you should be good to go. Restore you backup or start installing games and enjoy your quadruple storage.

There is one potential other thing to do (maybe while you update is installing or backup restoring) and that is to format the 500gb. Normally you should be able to just plug in and format it but I ran into a few issues when I tried. the HDD would be recognized but not show up on the drive list. If this happens to you dont worry, the drive is formatted to be used with a PS4 so you just need to turn it into something usable on Windows (or OSX)

One thing to mention is do the formatting of the old HDD after you have sorted the stuff with your PS4, if anything goes wrong on that end just pop the old drive it and it will be like nothing happened. 

Now your playing with power.

Overall very easy to do if your still having trouble you can follow the video i followed here