Mad Max Fury Road Review

"What a Lovely Day"

I was not too familiar with the Mad Max franchise, I was aware of it and the trailers for this movie were pretty decent. After hearing and seeing the reception this movie had gotten I was very eager to see and wow it did not disappoint. Mad Max Fury Road a tremendous action movie and will probably end up being the best action movie this year.

Hi my name is Joe

Hi my name is Joe

This movie is essentially 1-2 large action sequences and they are amazing. There is a lot going on but its easy to follow, the practical effects look great. The movie has logic too it and more or less feel grounded. There is also so much detail in everything from the vehicles to the weapons, the movie also looks great there is a ton of eye candy and the dessert look works really well. I think above all else and what sets Mad Max Fury road a part form something like the Avengers is that it feels dangerous. You know Max has to live at least but whether its Max, Furiosa etc. it feels like one wrong move could spell the end and it kind of is like that. Its often something very small or minor that causes something to go wrong and throughout the movie you are pretty much on the edge of your seat.

Like I mentioned before the world is very detailed, between the society/cult that the War Boys have developed to how the cars are outfitted. Things like the pseudo religion around the V8 or even terms like the organic mechanic bring so much depth and detail to the world that makes it feel lived in. The characters are also very well done and well done and develop through their actions rather than through exposition, which is fair enough hard to have a deep conversation when your being chased by a bunch of marauders. Max is the main character and hints of his backstory are given but the real star is as many people have said Furiosa. While we don’t here too much about Furiosa backstory she is definitely the driving force of the movie, she instigates the whole conflict and while we don’t know what she has done for/under Joe it must have been a lot to make redemption such a big motivation for her. While Max by no means take a back seat he is more of a lens through which the audience experiences the movie. The wives are pretty great, they are all very unique and have their strengths and weaknesses. Much praise to Rosie Huntington Whitely who was terrible in Transformers 3 but shows up here showing that she can act. Nux the War Boy is pretty great and has a really good arc during the movie. And Immortan Joe wow what an amazing villain, he looks like the final boss of a video game and has an amazing presence.

Anyway Believe the hype This movie was amazing. Go See it!



Disclaimer: One of the Accounts I work on at work is Roadshow, the distributor for WB Films including Mad Max. I also worked on the campaign for this movie at work.