Entourage Review

Not bad

I'm not super familiar with Entourage, but the trailer for the movie looked interested so I hope to go into this with and open mind. Its also an HBO show so that should at least make it somewhat decent. I found Entourage the Movie to be pretty good, it was interesting, the characters were interesting and it had some good moments. Also compared to the last Drama Comedy I saw (Focus) this was hands down better than that.

I will say this, the movie is pretty short. From what I know there show was 30mins so this is essentially 3 episodes and in a way it kind of felt like that. There are definitely threads that go through the entire movie but everything is more or less resolved nicely. The movie was more about the characters their interactions, how they supported each other and how they reacted to their problems, which I guess is probably what the show is like. Favourite character was definitely Ari, some great lines out of him and the way he handles things is very entertaining. Strangely Vince was the least interesting character not sure how he's like in the show but he was a bit blander than the rest. Then again he was probably also the most grounded character which I guess is something you need with all these different personalities.

Overall I think if you liked the show you will probably like this Movie. It's not high art but it was entertaining has piqued my interested about the TV show (which is not on any NZ streaming service at the time of this review). Anyway it has its moments and was a pretty solid albeit short movie.


Disclaimer: One of the Accounts I work on at work is Roadshow, the distributor for WB Films including Entourage. I also worked on the campaign for this movie and saw this movie at an early screening.