E3 Press Conference Highlights

At this point E3 was quite a while back but as the best E3 in years I thought I should write something about it so here we are my E3 Press Conference Hightlights in no particular order.

Fallout 4 - Bethesda

This had quite an impressive showing. There was the usual explore world, combat sequence etc but they showed off the crafting system and settlement system which looked really good. The game UI also looked a lot very polished. Dialogue looks like something out of Mass Effect, we will how to see how that works. The game is running of the Creation Engine which they used for Skyrim but you can still see a bit of that Gamebryo heritage in there. It's weird that Bethesda bought ID and have not used id Tech 6 but I guess they are probably more comfortable with the creation engine. Overall it's looking really good will be looking forward to this come November.

Halo 5 - Microsoft

I loves me some Halo and Halo 5 is looking good. Prometheans are back in single player but the campaign look a lot more ambitious than 4 and it looks like 343 will be changing it up for the better.

On Warzone/Multiplayer - This mode looked pretty cool, not sure how it will work but it looks very fun and and chaotic.


Xbox One Backwards compatibility - Microsoft

Now this was a very big and very pleasant surprise. I have amassed a bit of a catalogue on my 360 and it's good to know that when I eventually do pick up an X1 some hopefully most of it will still be there. Hopefully publishers are good about approving their games, I would love to go back to something like Red Dead or some XBLA Games. 

Minecraft Hololens Demo - Microsoft

I think this was the most impressive thing I have seen so far some any Press conference this year. I know Holo Lens is more of a tech thing and Minecraft is a known quantity but yeah this demo was very impressive. Supposedly the current Holo Lens has a very small field of view also its probably quite a while away but it's nice to see something that is a bit different and looks like a glimpse at the future.


Star Wars Battlefront

2015 is a year for many things and one of those is Star Wars. This game looks amazing, definitely has that Star Wars feel to it and looks like it will deliver on that Star Wars fantasy that the deliverers have talked about working towards.


A very charming and adorable game shown off at the EA press conference of all places. The creator and lead of the game spoke very passionately about the game but the trailer that was showed off was amazing as well



This little indie tittle looks amazing, straight out of an old Disney Cartoon. It looks like it may be difficult but hopefully its reasonable enough.

South Park the Fractured But Whole

Probably the best name for a Video Game. Had quite a good showing, unfortunately obsidian is not working on this but Matt and Trey are back and I really should get around to playing the first game… Best Game Name


Last Guardian

Wow what year is it? As much as this game looks like its till form 2007 it still has the charm that the original trailer had. Glad to see it back and looking like it will eventually come out


Uncharted 4

Very impressive demo at the Sony Press conference.


Horizon Zero Dawn

Probably the best thing I saw during the Sony Press conference, from Guerrilla games of all people. I guess it just goes to show that when you let people work on what they want to work on you can get some amazing result. Robot Dinosaurs, Post apocalyptic world this game looks amazing.